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Your CV is the first contact you will have with a recruiter, so make sure that you use it to project the image you need. The old cliché: “You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression” couldn’t be more accurate.

The moment a recruiter sets eyes on your CV, before they’ve even read a word, you’ll have given them a snapshot of who you are as an individual. No matter how many impressive career achievements you list, if your CV appears messy, old-fashioned, and hard to read, it’s unlikely to impress a recruiter who will have potentially hundreds more to choose from.

Now, on the other hand, creating your CV from an attractive template is a great way to communicate your personal brand. You can also choose a template to match the style and values of your targeted employer.  

Select your CV template with care: It can give you a powerful edge in opening the door to that all-important interview. It can also take you one step closer to winning that dream job!

Choosing the perfect template.

Choosing the perfect template is an easier task than you would think. To do so, you should avoid falling into the following traps of:

  • Time-consuming formats – life is too short to torture yourself in that way.
  • Dull and boring layouts that won’t make you stand out.
  • Formatting that changes when opened in different programmes.

Next, before you jump in and pick out the most visually appealing template to you, it’s worth taking a few moments to prepare. Answer a couple of easy questions.

  • What image do I want to convey? Energetic? Mature? Innovative? Driven? Choose 3 or 4 adjectives that describe you well and make those your primary focus.
  • What is the employer’s brand? Disruptive? Traditional? Youthful?  

Having completed this exercise, start to check out templates that reflect your personality and are also likely to fit your potential employer's style.   

For example, you may be a youthful and energetic internal auditor with a strong sense of humour. However, if you’re applying to an international consultancy firm, a more restrained and polished template is more likely to attract attention for the right reasons.

The four main template styles.

1. Professional.

A professional template will have a well-organised structure and clean, simple lines. While there may be some use of colour, these are likely to be subtle to add visual interest. The emphasis is on the well-organised structure and the inclusion only of details strictly relevant to the position. 

Professional templates are ideal for more traditional working environments, or when you’re applying for senior positions where experience, knowledge, and gravitas are essential.

2. Creative.

When you want to show your design flair and originality, creative templates will create the right impression. With striking modern layouts, they often make bold use of colour. Most templates allow you to select whichever hue best reflects your personality. 

Creative templates are ideally suited to start-ups, design studios, fashion, in fact, any industry where imagination and inventiveness are essential. They’re also well-suited for positions involving sales, marketing, and communications as they just ooze energy and dynamism.

3. Modern.

A modern template works well for any company or industry that brands itself as young and cutting–edge, such as IT, telecoms, and media. 

Intense colour and bold layout can help you stand out among a sea of bland look-alike CVs. Just ensure that you maintain the look of uncluttered minimalism by ensuring you don’t overload the page with too much detail. Make every word count to make a powerful impression.

4. Simple.

Sometimes, less is more. Easy to read, uncluttered, and with no distracting design flourishes, a simple classic template allows the reader to focus on you and the details you want them to notice. Your achievements can take centre stage.

A simple template will be appropriate for almost any position or organisation. It will showcase your skills and talents effectively, whether you have years of experience or are just starting. It sends the message that you intend to be taken seriously.

The do’s and don’ts of templates.


Ensure that your CV template is appropriate for the industry you’re applying to.
Check that your CV template also reflects your personality.
Keep the information formal, even if the template is bright and youthful.
Ensure the contents are strictly relevant to the position you're applying for.


Go too wild with clashing colors and design flourishes - unless the company makes it known that this is what they want (a creative design position).
Allow your CV to cover more than two pages.
Include a photo that isn’t professional and appropriate (social media selfie, holding a peace sign with your tongue out would both not be acceptable).

Additional tips.

  • Consider adding links to your LinkedIn profile to help recruiters get to know more about you.
  • Other social media can also be included - providing they enhance your professional image.

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